Switzer World's Fastest GTR

Video: Inside the World’s Fastest GTR

A few days ago, the 1500+ HP, Switzer Performance-built “Goliath” GTR became the fastest GTR in the world. That was what the car’s owner wanted, and it’s what he experienced when Goliath blasted across the line in just over 22 seconds at more than 250 MPH at the Moscow Unlimited - a mile-long, side-by-side drag …

New Switzer Performance Website

SwitzerPerformance.com is Live and All-new!

It’s been a long time coming, but Switzer’s new, mobile-friendly website is here with new photos, new graphs, new pricing information, and more … including a new URL: www.switzerperformance.com! That’s right, after many years of having the longest URL in the industry, Switzer Performance is now at switzerperformance.com, with the “old” URL (this one) carrying …

Switzer Ferrari 458 Performance Exhaust

Forza Switzer, Forza Ferrari 458 Exhaust

Switzer Performance first built its reputation on high-quality components and bulletproof reliability in its mega-horsepower, turbocharged Nissans and Porsches. In recent months, however, the Oberlin, Ohio-based crew at Switzer Performance has expanding its field of vision to include cars like the BMW 1M and M5, the 63-series AMG Mercedes, and, now, an Italian beauty: the …

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Switzer P700 BMW M5

Switzer P700 BMW M5

With its twin-turbocharged power-plant, advanced engine management systems, highly computerized transmission, aggressive exhaust note, and 700 horsepower worth of pump-gas performance, the car you see here is everything you’d expect to see roll out of Tym Switzer’s Oberlin, Ohio-based supercar factory … with a few key differences. Unlike the Porsches and GTRs that put Switzer …

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HG Motorsports + Switzer Cars

Switzer Welcomes HG Motorsports

Switzer Performance and Switzer Cars is proud to welcome San Diego’s HG Motorsports to our family of Switzer authorized dealers. One of California’s premier exotic car hot-spots, HG Motorsports has been setting the standard for high-end tuning in San Diego since 1969, when Heinz Gietz founded the Mercedes-Benz Service Center in the heart of La …

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Switzer Porsche R911

R911 Porsche vs. TX2K13

Long-time followers of this blog will no-doubt recognize the car shown here as one of Switzer’s R911-spec Porsche 997.1s. In full-tilt boogie mode with the VP race fuel pumping through its 6-cylinder, twin-turbocharged heart, the R911 is easily capable of putting almost 950 horsepower to the ground through all four wheels, blitzing the 1/4-mile somewhere …

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E1K-X Pump-gas Dyno

1000 HP on Pump Gas

Yesterday, we brought you news about Boulder Nissan’s incredible, Switzer E1K-X GTR - an absolute beast of a 1300 AWHP track-day car built to take advantage of everything the R35 platform (and Switzer’s engine program) has to offer. There was something else, though, that we didn’t mention … because we didn’t notice it ourselves until …

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CLS63 performance tuning

Switzer CLS 63 AMG Sport Exhaust

Switzer introduced its own line of AMG performance products back in January (or December, if you were subscribed to our monthly newsletter), beginning with pre-production photos of a lightweight, stainless-steel exhaust system for Mercedes’ newest CLS 63 AMG biturbo coupe. That CLS 63 AMG performance exhaust was good, on its own, for more than 30 …

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