World's Fastest GTR Switzer Goliath

Video: Ride Along With Goliath on an 8.4 Sec. Pass

A few days ago, the first Switzer Performance-built “Goliath” became the world’s fastest GTR, rocking the Moscow Unlimited with a 22-second pass at 250 MPH in the hands of an amateur driver. While that pass set a new standard for GTR top speed, the 1/4 mile time on that run was in the high 9s, …

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Switzer World's Fastest GTR

Video: Inside the World’s Fastest GTR

A few days ago, the 1500+ HP, Switzer Performance-built “Goliath” GTR became the fastest GTR in the world. That was what the car’s owner wanted, and it’s what he experienced when Goliath blasted across the line in just over 22 seconds at more than 250 MPH at the Moscow Unlimited - a mile-long, side-by-side drag …

New Switzer Performance Website is Live and All-new!

It’s been a long time coming, but Switzer’s new, mobile-friendly website is here with new photos, new graphs, new pricing information, and more … including a new URL:! That’s right, after many years of having the longest URL in the industry, Switzer Performance is now at, with the “old” URL (this one) carrying …

Mid-Ohio track day

Switzer Trackday, 2013

Are you a Switzer Cars owner who wants to stretch your Ultimate Street Cars legs, flat-out? Are you a liter-bike rider who thinks all cars are slower than your crotch-rocket? Are you a Switzer fan who wants to see how your 370Z or SCCA/NASA track toy compares to a 1000 hp street car? This is …

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Sibling Rivalry: Part 3

The cars pictured above, as you’ve already seen, were built as a “set” for a pair of Ohio brothers who share a passion for fast automobiles that must be in their DNA. In addition to being 1000 hp street-beasts, these Ultimate Street Edition Switzer Performance GTRs are also highly-detailed customs, with subtle paint and finish …

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Sibling Rivalry: Part 2

This first car we’ll be looking at is the one on the left. Over the last few weeks, the crew at Switzer Performance have started referring to this car as “the ‘Murica car”, for obvious reasons. In addition to the 1000 hp Switzer USE conversion and the obvious American flag graphic on the roof, the …

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A Pair of Switzer USE GTRs

Sibling Rivalry: Part 1

Family is something we think about a lot here at Switzer Performance, and not just because we have three generations of Switzer tinkering around within these walls. No, we’ve been thinking about family because the 2 Switzer-tuned, Nissan GTR-based Ultimate Street Edition supercars you see here belong to brothers! “It’s been great working with these …

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Red Katana v. 2

Red Katana 2.0

By now, some of you have probably checked out the amazing (and official) Chadbee photo gallery over at GTR Heritage covering the TX2K13. Having seen the coverage there and on the Revvolution website, you know that the Switzer-prepared “Red Katana” R1K-X GTR was at the event, and that the car ran strong - posting 3 …

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