World's Fastest GTR Switzer Goliath

Video: Ride Along With Goliath on an 8.4 Sec. Pass

A few days ago, the first Switzer Performance-built “Goliath” became the world’s fastest GTR, rocking the Moscow Unlimited with a 22-second pass at 250 MPH in the hands of an amateur driver. While that pass set a new standard for GTR top speed, the 1/4 mile time on that run was in the high 9s, …

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Switzer World's Fastest GTR

Video: Inside the World’s Fastest GTR

A few days ago, the 1500+ HP, Switzer Performance-built “Goliath” GTR became the fastest GTR in the world. That was what the car’s owner wanted, and it’s what he experienced when Goliath blasted across the line in just over 22 seconds at more than 250 MPH at the Moscow Unlimited - a mile-long, side-by-side drag …


Moscow Missile: Goliath is the World’s Fastest GTR

The car you see here is called “Goliath“, and - as of last weekend’s Moscow Unlimited Standing Mile event - it is the world’s fastest GTR Nissan. The Goliath project began late last year as an R1K-X - an extremely potent, but relatively normal build from Oberlin Ohio’s Switzer Performance. The shop has built a …

Switzer Performance Goliath GTR

UPDATE: Goliath GTR Training Day (w/ video)

Last week, the “Goliath” GTR blitzed the standing mile in just 22.7 seconds at more than 225 mph on its maiden shakedown run at the most recent Moscow Unlimited test and tune day. “That’s a good start,” explains Tym Switzer, head of Oberlin, Ohio-based Switzer Performance where the car was built. “We’re in good shape …

Red Katana v. 2

Red Katana 2.0

By now, some of you have probably checked out the amazing (and official) Chadbee photo gallery over at GTR Heritage covering the TX2K13. Having seen the coverage there and on the Revvolution website, you know that the Switzer-prepared “Red Katana” R1K-X GTR was at the event, and that the car ran strong - posting 3 …

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1500 whp Goliath GTR 3.8 VR38

Exploring the Limits: Nissan’s VR38 Engine

For those of you haven’t yet clicked on the image above, that dyno graph represents the Switzer-developed Goliath customer GTR putting down more than 1500 horsepower. To the wheels. It’s an impressive achievement in itself, more than one-thousand five-hundred horsepower at the wheels … but that dyno graph only hints at the real story. The …

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Switzer Goliath GTR

Enter: Goliath

The Switzer “Goliath” GTR is the answer to a question. What question? See, over the last four years, Switzer’s GTR program has been focused on cars that delivered blistering performance without asking their owners to sacrifice things like comfort or reliability. That focus has led to bulletproof high-horsepower cars like this one, with dozens of …