Switzer World's Fastest GTR

Video: Inside the World’s Fastest GTR

A few days ago, the 1500+ HP, Switzer Performance-built “Goliath” GTR became the fastest GTR in the world. That was what the car’s owner wanted, and it’s what he experienced when Goliath blasted across the line in just over 22 seconds at more than 250 MPH at the Moscow Unlimited - a mile-long, side-by-side drag …


Moscow Missile: Goliath is the World’s Fastest GTR

The car you see here is called “Goliath“, and - as of last weekend’s Moscow Unlimited Standing Mile event - it is the world’s fastest GTR Nissan. The Goliath project began late last year as an R1K-X - an extremely potent, but relatively normal build from Oberlin Ohio’s Switzer Performance. The shop has built a …

Switzer 997TT

Switzer Cars Run 1-2-3 at Moscow Unlimited

Last weekend’s Moscow Unlimited could have been a commercial for our bolt-on kits, with the top 3 cars running Switzer tuning packages! The Switzer 997 TT Porsche that took top honors in the 1/4 mile drags featured our 997 TT L4 PKG and lightweight signature series wheels, while the mile-winning GTR Nissan featured our off-the-shelf …

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