Switzer World's Fastest GTR

Video: Inside the World’s Fastest GTR

A few days ago, the 1500+ HP, Switzer Performance-built “Goliath” GTR became the fastest GTR in the world. That was what the car’s owner wanted, and it’s what he experienced when Goliath blasted across the line in just over 22 seconds at more than 250 MPH at the Moscow Unlimited - a mile-long, side-by-side drag …

GTR Record Video

New GTR 1/4 Mile Record! (w/ video)

ShepTrans’ owner John Shepherd was behind the wheel of his high-horsepower GTR yesterday, when he set a new GTR 1/4 mile record: an ET of 8.61 with a trap speed in excess of 170 mph! Shepherd’s record run didn’t just come down to his Nissan GTR’s exotic drivetrain, however - it was also a matter …

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Switzer Twin Ultimate GTR

Seeing Double: USE GTR

No, you’re not seeing double - this is a pair of identically-prepared 2013 Switzer Performance Ultimate Street Edition GTRs getting ready to head home to their new owners. “We usually highlight the cars that really grab people’s attention, like the two brother’s cars or the Red Katana, that have custom wheels, interiors, paint-jobs,” explains Neil …

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Switzer Porsche R911

R911 Porsche vs. TX2K13

Long-time followers of this blog will no-doubt recognize the car shown here as one of Switzer’s R911-spec Porsche 997.1s. In full-tilt boogie mode with the VP race fuel pumping through its 6-cylinder, twin-turbocharged heart, the R911 is easily capable of putting almost 950 horsepower to the ground through all four wheels, blitzing the 1/4-mile somewhere …

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Syvecs for Porsche 997

Syvecs for Porsche 997

This is the first “pre-production” Syvecs S8C kit installed and running in a Porsche 997 Turbo … and it’s helping Switzer Performance gain some ground. Tym Switzer and the crew at Switzer’s new, Oberlin, Ohio-based shop have been busy playing “catch up” in recent months. They’re not catching up with a deadline or a competitor, …

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Porsche 996 Gets a Syvecs

Switzer’s Porsche 996 tuning programs got a lot more interesting this week, with the announcement that a Syvecs engine-management solution has been successfully trialed on the 996 platform and could be available for public sales as early as next month. The development of a “plug and play” engine management solution for the Porsche 996 using …

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235 Artino ST, Aerial View

Movin’ on Up

Over the past few weeks, Switzer Performance has been moving into a new facility on the East side of Oberlin, Ohio. The new Switzer shop, like Tym’s cars, is a massive upgrade over the original, with an obvious emphasis on the sort of “bigger, faster, more” thinking that has made Switzer Performance a standout in …

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Syvecs S8C GTR

Syvecs North America

The name “Syvecs” is probably familiar to those of you who have been closely following our high-end builds over on forums like NAGTROC. Simply put, the company makes some pretty advanced standalone ECUs. Over the past few months, we’ve been working closely with Syvecs UK to help develop the S8C-based “plug and play” (PnP) ECM …

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