Ultimate Street Edition FF

Ultimate Street Edition + Flex Fuel GTR

This is an all-new idea. A 1350 HP hypercar that rockets to a top speed of 225 MPH and asks nothing more from the driver than to sit down, shut up, and hang on. Welcome to a whole new breed of no-excuses performance car, the USE Flex Fuel GTR from Switzer Performance. When Switzer first …

World's Fastest GTR Switzer Goliath

Video: Ride Along With Goliath on an 8.4 Sec. Pass

A few days ago, the first Switzer Performance-built “Goliath” became the world’s fastest GTR, rocking the Moscow Unlimited with a 22-second pass at 250 MPH in the hands of an amateur driver. While that pass set a new standard for GTR top speed, the 1/4 mile time on that run was in the high 9s, …

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Moscow Missile: Goliath is the World’s Fastest GTR

The car you see here is called “Goliath“, and - as of last weekend’s Moscow Unlimited Standing Mile event - it is the world’s fastest GTR Nissan. The Goliath project began late last year as an R1K-X - an extremely potent, but relatively normal build from Oberlin Ohio’s Switzer Performance. The shop has built a …

Switzer Performance Goliath GTR

UPDATE: Goliath GTR Training Day (w/ video)

Last week, the “Goliath” GTR blitzed the standing mile in just 22.7 seconds at more than 225 mph on its maiden shakedown run at the most recent Moscow Unlimited test and tune day. “That’s a good start,” explains Tym Switzer, head of Oberlin, Ohio-based Switzer Performance where the car was built. “We’re in good shape …

BRE Datsun inspired Switzer P800 GTR

BRE Datsun P800 GTR vs. Optima Faceoff 2013

Optima batteries’ 2013 event season kicked off in Elkhart Lake, WI last weekend with the Optima Faceoff at Road America. Optima’s Faceoff is a timed track event that, like the company’s Ultimate Street Car Invitational, features some of the world’s fastest street cars. To win, a driver needs to combine a car’s handling balance, predictable …

Michigan Mile GTR

Switzer R1K GTR vs. Michigan Mile

190.09 MPH. 212.18 MPH. 213.06 MPH. Those were the speeds for Jeremy’s Switzer R1K GTR - the fastest car at this weekend’s Michigan Mile. The 2013 running of the Michigan Mile at Battle Creek was one of the hottest mile events on record - and we’re not just talking about the high-horsepower exotic cars, either. …

GTR Record Video

New GTR 1/4 Mile Record! (w/ video)

ShepTrans’ owner John Shepherd was behind the wheel of his high-horsepower GTR yesterday, when he set a new GTR 1/4 mile record: an ET of 8.61 with a trap speed in excess of 170 mph! Shepherd’s record run didn’t just come down to his Nissan GTR’s exotic drivetrain, however - it was also a matter …

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Switzer Twin Ultimate GTR

Seeing Double: USE GTR

No, you’re not seeing double - this is a pair of identically-prepared 2013 Switzer Performance Ultimate Street Edition GTRs getting ready to head home to their new owners. “We usually highlight the cars that really grab people’s attention, like the two brother’s cars or the Red Katana, that have custom wheels, interiors, paint-jobs,” explains Neil …

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