700 hp P700 GTR

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Switzer P700 GTR Engine Bay


  • ball-bearing turbos for lightning-fast response and better thermal efficiency
  • significant performance gains all across the rpm range
  • more reliable at high boost than factory turbos
  • keeps factory catalytic converters


Switzer P700 GTR Power Chart SAE

Switzer P700 GTR Power Chart metric

The P700 was Switzer’s “original” GTR performance package, designed and built for superior response and smooth, linear power delivery. When equipped with Switzer’s optional MONSTER intercoolers and additional cooling system upgrades, the flat torque curve and predictable horsepower make the 700 hp, pump-gas P700 GTR an ideal track day companion, rain or shine.

That (conservatively rated) 700 hp comes courtesy of Switzer’s upgraded turbochargers, high-pressure waste-gate actuators, bigger fuel injectors, and Switzer’s high-flow intake assembly. This particular P700 is fitted with Switzer’s SS90 sport exhaust and lightweight, Switzer Signature series split-5 spoke wheels. Switzer uses the latest Cobb AccessPort for R35 GTR with TCM capability to manage the P700 GTR’s software and provide remote assistance to the car’s owner after it gets home (part of Switzer’s Customer1 program).

CLICK HERE for our official press release.


NOTE: the P700 PKG does not include the SS90 sport exhaust and Cobb AccessPort - this PKG builds on the P600 PKG, which does include those items (req’d for these power levels).



  • Switzer ball-bearing turbocharger upgrades
  • high-pressure wastegate actuators
  • high-flow intake assembly
  • high-flow fuel injectors

  • Shepherd Transmissions Stage 1 or 2 upgrade
  • Switzer Signature Series Wheels (shown)
  • Switzer Nano-carbon Brake Pads
  • “Track Animal” Club Sport PKG
  • Whiteline suspension upgrades
  • Switzer MONSTER intercoolers
  • Switzer cooling PKG
  • Syvecs S8C ECU


  • Switzer P700 Revival (press release)
  • Tuning the R35