The P700 GTR Revival

700 hp Switzer P700 GTR

Switzer’s P700 GTR package was the company’s first offering for the GTR, introduced way back in 2009. We haven’t built as many P700 GTRs as we have P800s, but the most recent Switzer GTR to find its way home (just yesterday, in fact) was the pearl white P700 shown here. Looking as good as it did, I thought it presented a perfect opportunity to revisit the original Switzer Performance GTR.

Tym actually wrote about the early development of this package in his most recent post, saying that “when (we) first started working with the first R35 that came through our doors four years ago, we knew there would be hardware limitations in at least the transmission and turbocharger system. We had that car rigged up like a NASA shuttle, testing everything you could imagine.” The results of those tests was a series of high-quality bolt-on components that worked together in concert to deliver a dependable 625 awhp.

That (conservatively rated) 700 hp comes courtesy of Switzer’s upgraded turbochargers, high-pressure waste-gate actuators, bigger fuel injectors, and Switzer’s high-flow intake assembly. This particular P700 is fitted with Switzer’s SS90 sport exhaust and lightweight, Switzer Signature series split-5 spoke wheels. Switzer uses the latest Cobb AccessPort for R35 GTR with TCM capability to manage the P700 GTR’s software and provide remote assistance to the car’s owner after it gets home - part of the 2-year warranty and Switzer’s Customer1 program.

I hope the car’s new owner likes it as much as I did! I took several pics of the car as it was being loaded up to go home - you can check out my favorites, below.

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