Video: P800 GTR vs. Bugatti Veyron


Way back in the early days of R35 tuning, someone described the Switzer Performance tuned Nissans as having “Veyron-baiting performance”. They did. They do, even- and, while at least one Russian Bugatti owner was brave enough to line up alongside a Switzer P800 GTR way back when, it’s not that often that it happens.

Imagine our surprise, then, when a Mansory-tuned Bugatti Veyron showed up at a European tuner side-by-side event and (after polishing off a 1200 HP Grand Sport Vitesse) was willing to race a Switzer P800 GTR prepared by our European distributors, TotalCar Concept!

Luckily, the guys at TotalCar were able to put together a few videos of the day’s events. In this video, you can see the Switzer P800 squaring off against a heavily tuned R34, as well as a pair of quick Aston Martins …



… but we know you’re here for the main event. So, here it is- a TotalCar-built Switzer Performance P800 GTR Nissan vs. a million-plus-dollar, 1200+ HP Mansory-tuned Bugatti Veyron. The race starts at the 0:50 mark, but place your bets before you hit play.




That’s not bad for a car that, P800 PKG included, costs about a tenth of what the Bugatti costs. Line up a Veyron agains Switzer’s new-for-2014, low-emissions E900 PKG or something like the 1500 WHP Red Katana and it’ll start to look more Bug than Bugatti.

For more information and pricing on the 800 hp, pump-gas Switzer Performance P800 PKG for R35 GTRs, head on over to the PKG’s info. page, or click here to contact Switzer Performance.


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