Switzer Performance Arrives at TX2K14


The crew from Switzer Performance has just arrived at this year’s TX2K event near Houston, Texas- and they brought a little surprise with them in the form of the 2000 HP, ethanol-burning E2K Beast prototype- which you might remember as “Papa Smurf” from last year’s April 1st press release. Along with the Beast, the Switzer crew brought a few other familiar fascias, as well. The 1500 HP Switzer Performance/Boulder Nissan E1K-X GTR (which has won this event before) and the 8 second Red Katana rocket ship.

The TX2K14 weekend will kick off tomorrow, March 12th, with the first ever TX2K Roll Race Nationals, which is replacing the road racing event that had been the cornerstone of the E1K-X’s last victory. Friday the 14th brings the TX2K dyno day, where bragging rights for most powerful car are awarded, followed by straight-up drag racing on Saturday and Sunday.

We’re looking forward to a great TX2K14 weekend. We’ll be posting more pictures and videos all week long on the Switzer Performance Instagram- or, if you’d like more information or prince on the builds you see here, contact Switzer Performance. Stay tuned!


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