Ultimate Street Edition + Flex Fuel GTR

Ultimate Street Edition FF

This is an all-new idea. A 1350 HP hypercar that rockets to a top speed of 225 MPH and asks nothing more from the driver than to sit down, shut up, and hang on. Welcome to a whole new breed of no-excuses performance car, the USE Flex Fuel GTR from Switzer Performance.

When Switzer first introduced the Ultimate Street Edition GTR last year, they reset the bar and redefined what a daily driven car could be. The Ultimate Street Edition (USE) GTRs delivered nearly 1000 HP on readily available premium gasoline and rocketed down the quarter mile in about 9 seconds, and they did it all while carrying a 2 year warranty from Switzer Cars.

In the Flex Fuel version if the USE, the standard Switzer engine package and USE turbos get backed up by larger fuel injectors, a higher-capacity fuel supply system, and the latest version of Syvecs’ SGTR engine management system.

It’s that Syvecs unit that keeps everything in the USE-FF copacetic. “The new system we’ve been able to come up with picks up where the E900 left off,” explains Neil Switzer, the head performance consultant at Switzer Performance. “In the early cars, we had an E85 tune and we had separate files for gasoline. It was important for the customer to switch to the right map when they refueled based on a digital read-out of the fuel mixture’s ethanol content and a list of maps. In the USE-FF, the Switzer/Syvecs systems work with a number of sensors to tune the car on the fly, so if you have half a tank of E85 and half a tank of 91 octane, for example, you’re not running a compromised tune that can blow a head gasket … or worse.”

The flex fuel capability of the USE-FF boosts the ultimate HP of the USE by more than 30%, by virtue of the E85/ethanol’s higher resistance to pre-ignition than gasoline allowing the USE-FF GTR to run higher boost levels and ignition timing with a few other “black art” engine tuning tricks. On E85 at full boost, the cars are easy 9-second flat performers with 8 second potential when equipped with one of Switzer’s 6 wheel sets of Signature Series performance wheels and DOT-approved drag slicks. You can see that in the first customer car, which ran a 9.00 at Milan last month on DOT tires.


The Switzer USE-FF conversion adds $79,990, with a number of options available to boost the price higher- which seems excessive, until you realize that nothing on four wheels is both cheaper and faster. Contact Switzer Performance for more.


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